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Jersey Jumpers Swing Dance

HI EVERYONE!  The Jersey Jumpers Swing Dance is now on the 5th Saturday of the month!

 with CJDS

Dear Dancers:


CJDS hopes you are Enjoying Winter Holidays!


Many of you have requested to include other type dances during our "Jersey Jumpers Swing" dance layout.


Great New!  CJDS is in process of updating our weekly dance schedule!


In which case we have Amazing NEWS for You!!!!


 Please Stay Tune for the New Saturday MIX!


 **************The Swinging Ballroom Mix****************   This Great New Mix will include Swing and Ballroom Type Dances.

 The "Swinging Ballroom Mix" will be taking place on the 2nd Week of the Month, and will debut  in the month of February.

 We hope you are as excited about this great new dance mix as we are!  So please come on Saturday, January 31, 2015 to celebrate decade of “Jersey Jumpers Swing” dance and welcome a whole new dance “The Swinging Ballroom Mix!”


Happy New Year and many Blessings to you and your families!   Best Wishes,


See information under each month's entry for details.  

See you soon! 

Swing and Lindy Hop, truly American dance creations, are what we do here at the Jersey Jumpers. The mix features music from the 1920's through the present day. Dancers of all ages partner up to East Coast and Lindy Hop, among other swing styles (Jitterbug, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, Collegiate Shag, West Coast Swing, etc.).

As you may notice in our up-coming lesson lineup, we're trying to spice things up at the Jersey Jumpers. Don't know any charleston, blues, balboa, collegiate shag moves? You will soon. See ya soon!


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Upcoming Events

CJDS would like to Thank Everyone who attended this great dance event for more than 10 years!

Jersey Jumpers Swing Dance will now transition into a new phase by sharing the spotlight with one of our

other great events, Ballroom Blitz!

This Great New Dance Mix will focus on Swing and Ballroom Type Dance Styles!

This new event will take place on 2nd Saturdays or Sundays of the month.


Please come and enjoy our new dance event The “Swinging Ballroom Mix” starting February 2015!


East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Balboa, Charleston, West Coast Swing

Dance Photos
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